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I am now open for commissions!

Christmas is near, and with it, the giftgiving period of the year!
Which means that I am going to need your help with my gifts expenditures. Maybe you'd like to treat yourself with some art, or give it as a gift to your beloved ones. Therefore, I am opening commissions!
I am not placing a limit to the number of slots, but there is a limited time until Christmas so you may want to hurry up.

Commissions accepted for: full figure or waist-up, with abstract/minimal background.

Plenty of slots available so do come and ask!

Rates for full figure portraits are $60 for a black and white inked picture and $80 for a colored one. Subtract 15$ if instead you prefer a waist-up portrait.
My only limitations are that I can only draw original characters and that I don't do furry/anthro subjects.
And I won't accept pornographic content, of course.
Here are some samples of previous commissions
Commission  Audrey St. Sebastian by Spacefriend-TCommission Tenet (second) by Spacefriend-T

Mature Content

Commission Red by Spacefriend-T
Tyra by Spacefriend-T
More samples here:…

If you're interested, please book your slot by replying here below, so that I can keep track of the order. I'll try to make you wait as little as possible.

This is how I work.
Upon receiving via PM your description and an email address to which I can write, I'll consider the slot booked and write it down below in this entry.
As soon as I am ready to start on your commission, I will contact you. At this point, I will ask you to send me full payment. I'm sorry but I only accept full payment up front right now. Recently I've had a couple very unpleasant experiences (people who received my pencils and never paid me) and therefore I decided to employ this policy, out of necessity.
After I receive your payment, I'll draw and send you a pencil sketch for approval. Then if needed I'll apply any corrections you require. After I have your approvation of the sketch, I'll proceed with inks and colors (if you requested a color commission).
I'll upload a tiff file at 300dpi (unless you prefer some other format) and send you the download link.

:icondunemerc: finished
:icondunemerc: finished
:iconkittysan101: finished
:iconsimonlmoore: finished
:iconashenbach: finished
:iconzoetrooper: commission accepted and payment received -awaiting details
:icondunemerc: finished
:icondunemerc: finished
:iconstigmartyr762: finished
:iconstigmartyr762: finished
:iconstigmartyr762: finished
:icontiacapan: finished
:iconandronicusvii: finished
:iconandronicusvii: finished
:iconandronicusvii: finished
:iconandronicusvii: commission accepted
:iconandronicusvii: commission accepted
:iconandronicusvii: commission accepted
:iconayanematrix: commission accepted awaiting details
:iconvt08: pencils done
anonymous commission accepted

empty slots available!


We've already received many wonderful entries to the contest, and judging is going to be fun and challenging, but since there's still one week before the contest ends, I'd like to remind you that you only have until the end of the year to submit your entry (December 31th 2015 00:00 AM GMT+1).
I hope many more people will want to participate!


I just reached 6000 watchers! Thank you very much for bearing with me, for following my meagers attempt at making art and for all the kind support, faves, comments and watches!
It's quite the achievement for this page, so I would like to celebrate it by hosting a contest.
The contest is for digital and traditional art only, and there will be several prizes.

I'd like to ask you to kindly read the whole journal for all the info about the contest, and if it's not too much to ask, could you please add this journal to your favorites (even if you're not sure wether you'll enter or not) to let more people know about it?
And feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I'll be glad to answer your doubts!

Contest Starts: October 10th 2015

Contest Ends: December 31th 2015 (00AM Rome Time/GMT+1)

THEME: Draw my OCs

The contest is about drawing one of my Original Characters. You are free to choose the setting, the poses, which characters to draw and the framing. The only rule is that they need to be MY Original Characters. I have four main original characters and some minor ones, divided into the following galleries.……………

The main characters also have character sheets in their gallery, as you can see.


  • Only my original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fan arts). 
  • You must be one of my wacthers to participate (but if you're not, you can do it now! ;D )
  • You MUST respect the descriptions and character designs provided. Gender-bender, furry or animal versions are not allowed. Minor tweaks of the outfits are allowed though the character needs to remain recognizable.
  • Please only draw one of my OCs per entry, as none of them share the same setting as the others.
  • Nudity, sexual themes, violence and blood are accepted, but THEY MUST FOLLOW deviantART policy. If you don't know dA rules, please check this FAQ: FAQ #220: What is Mature Content? . Works containing strong content MUST have the Mature Content Filter ON.
  • You can join with max 3 entries, but only one of the entries can be a winner.
  • All formats and sizes are accepted.
  • You can enter with sketches, but it's better to participate with completed works as they're obviously more likely to win. 
  • Drawings on squared/ruled paper won't be accepted.
  • You MUST credit all reference/resources used and provide a link to the original source. You can't use Copyrighted material as part of your work, not as a reference/resource/material (not even mine). Works that don't respect this rule will be disqualified.
  • You MUST follow deviantART rules and be kind to other contestants and judges. If you don't, you will be disqualified.
  • Judges can't participate in the contest (alas, I must add).
  • You can add your works to all dA groups that you want.
  • Entries submitted after the deadline won't be accepted.
  • Have fun! 


  • Traditional and Digital art, Mixed media, Drawings and Illustrations, Animations and Gifs, Vectors and Vexels, Cartoon and comics, Realism and Semi-realism, chibi.. every style, but it HAS to be a drawing/painting.
  • Both Black and White and Colored works are accepted.


  • Abstract, Literature, Cosplay, Fractal (unless it is a secondary part of the picture), Photography, Photomanipulation, Dolls.
If you have doubts on the allowed media, please contact me.


  • Entries need to be specifically done for this contest. No works done previously will be accepted.
  • When you upload the work to deviantART, you must write in the description that the work has been done for this contest, and put a link (or thumbnail) to this journal.
  • As soon as you have uploaded the deviation, please leave a comment on this journal entry with the link or thumbnail to your entry/entries.
  • I will add all the submissions to a Favourites Collection called "Draw My OCs Contest". (if I don't answer immediately please be patient, it might take me a day to see your note).


to be added soon


I will judge the entries, with the help of Eeren and kate-n-bd.
The works will be judged based on:
1- accuracy (how well the art depicts the likeness of the character)
2- technique (how skillfully drawn the picture is)
3- impact (referred to such things as scene, pose, storytelling)
4- effort (it's quite visible when people put effort in their artwork, and I want it rewarded properly)


There will be one prize for each winner of a given category, and one runner up prize.
The first prize is a color portrait done by me. The runner up prize is a lineart portrait.
These will be waist-up portraits of a character of your choosing. It can be an OC or anything. Only limitation is that I don't do furry, anime or porn (but nudity is ok).
In addition, the other judges, Eeren and kate-n-bd, will each reward a honorable mention of their choice with a sketch portrait.


There will be five categories, one for each of the four main OCs plus one for the secondary, other OCs. Should a category receive less than four entries, that category will be cancelled and the entry will be automatically transferred to the "other OCs" category.

All the winning entries will be featured by me and my judges.

5 days after the closing of the contest, we will announce the winners and runner ups for each category, and publish them on my journal page.



Here is the folder with all the entries so far!…
WOOOHAA! Thank you so much! I've just reached the astonishing number of 6000 minions! I'm honored, humbled, delighted and immensely grateful to all of you for your support and interest!
A celebration contest is incoming very very soon so please stay tuned!
Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

And I didn't write "minions" anywhere. I wrote "watchers." Believe me. Yup.

Also if you haven't already, could you please check my previous journal entry?
Please help this awesome artistDear humans,
:iconeeren: is offering very cheap portrait commissions!

check her journal here and do commission her. She does wonderful works and she's absolutely reliable and professional.
Also if you haven't, please don't forget to check this out:
our t-shirt design needs your vote on Tee-Tee and we'd really appreciate it if you could please help us get approved!
Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.
Do you buy stuff on Tee Tee?
A new t-shirt design is awaiting to be voted. It's inspired by The Witcher and done by yours truly and my beloved Eeren so would you please give your kind vote and support us?… here's the design!
Thank you very much for your kind help! We hope to be able to have our design published and printed!
So at the time I'm writing this, I've almost reached 6000 watchers (12 left to reach that goal), which is beautiful, overwhelming and makes me feel very honored that so many people consider my art good enough to follow me posting it.
And my treasured Eeren suggested me to organize a contest, showing me how she did that in the past and inspiring me into doing something similar. The occasion is quite propitious so stay tuned and please consider if you might want to take part to this contest. It's going to be about portraying my original characters (a.k.a. OCs) and will have prizes in the form of artwork done by me for the winners and runner ups.
At the current pace, I believe it's going to be soon enough so if you're interested please stay tuned!
So I thought I'd create this journal tag thingie, regardless of whether it already exists or not, but these are the questions that make me curious. I'm going to reply to the questions myself, just in case you're curious. I encourage you to elaborate on your answers, and not just list the names of the OCs that respond to that particular question, but I undestand if your time is limited, no worries!
I hope this spreads, even just a little. So without further ado, let's get on with the questions!

how many OCs do you have? (post thumbnails here if you feel like)
Four of the characters I've designed are eligible because I've drawn them consistently enough. Meet
Bellerefo Legeriwin by Spacefriend-THanani Character Sheet by Spacefriend-TProfile: Vanessa by Spacefriend-TCaissa Character Sheet by Spacefriend-T
From left to right: Bellerefo Legeriwin the wizard, Hanani the demigoddess, Vanessa the nephilim and Caïssa the assassin.

do you have a main/favorite OC amongst the ones you created? Who and why?
I tend to cycle a lot, so for a period I may be drawing tons of Bellerefo, and the next season I'm all about Hanani or Vanessa. Right now I'm drawing lots of Hanani.

Let's get to know your OCs by comparison:

who is the tallest? (feel free to specify height, if you have thought it up)
Hanani. She stands a full 210cm tall.

who has the most striking and unique eyes?
Vanessa's eyes glow faintly in the dark and have intense orange irises.

who is the strongest? And who is the most intelligent?
Hanani has the strenght of a demigoddess, further enhanced by the exoskeleton embedded in her armor. Bellerefo, being a Wizard, has INTelligence as her highest stat of course :P (yeah, sorry, that was a D&D joke).

who has the most beautiful voice?
Caïssa is genetically enhanced and programmed so as to control other people's emotions through the modulation of her voice, which is versatile beyond normal humans' capabilities. Think about the Voice of the Bene Gesserit. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read Dune, and I mean now, you heretic!

who has the most troubled past?
Bellerefo ran away from her family and duty as Wizard because of a need to be free. She lives an internal struggle between a fiercely independent nature and the need to belong, and that has driven her into becoming a rogue and outcast.

who is the most selfless, and who is the most evil/selfish/malevolent/callous?
Hanani is a paragon of virtue. Being a semi-divine being, it's part of her genes.
Caïssa is quite the amoral monster.

who is the most thoughtful and/or erudite?
Hanani is the calmest and most thoughtful of the four, but none has the encyclopedic knowledge Bellerefo possesses.

who is the most impulsive and hot tempered?

which of your OCs is the one is the one you consider more revealing about yourself? And what does that OC reveal about you?
Bellerefo is actually inspired by a need to exteriorize and analize my underdog complex, which encapsulates issues such as learned helplessness and in some instances low self esteem, together with my predilection for those characters or personalities nobody loves (maybe because I used to strongly identify). She's extremely close to home in many ways. And she's a total nerd like me =P

Finally, tag up to five people from your friends list!
I tag
:iconeeren: :iconshatiel85: :iconsplatpixel: :iconfiji-fujii: :iconjounikaltti:
Forty-two years ago on this day, September 11, died one of the people whom I regard as a personal hero. Salvador Allende, President of Chile, a man whose ideals and actions inspire my social vision, was victim of a coup staged with the help of the CIA by a general who later became a dictator under whose rule thousands of people were killed and thousands more tortured and imprisoned.
Rather than fleeing, Allende chose to die, showing an unshakable coherence with his ideals. All this because the USA didn't want Chile to choose its own course if that led them towards socialism. And still today a lot of people seem to be victims of a cold war propaganda that misportrays that political doctrine.
On this day, I like to remember the courage and generosity of Salvador Allende. The courage to change the life of his fellow citizens for the better, an attempt he made until the very end, often with success. During its first year in office, the Allende Government achieved economic growth, reductions in inflation and unemployment, a redistribution of income, and an increase in consumption. The government also significantly increased salaries and wages, reduced taxes, and introduced free distribution of some items of prime necessity. Groups which had previously been excluded from the state labor insurance scheme (mainly the self-employed and small businessmen) were included for the first time, while pensions were increased for widows, invalids, orphans, and the elderly. The National Milk Plan affected 50% of Chilean children in 1970, providing 3,470,000 with half a litre of milk daily, free of charge. He took care of the needy and the poor, and promoted social equality.
But of course, as high as his ideals were, he was only a man, and a man cannot do miracles alone. That is what the people, humanity, can do. But a man can inspire. And inspire me, to day, he still does.
Remember Salvador Allende.
I have the privilege and immense luck of having one such person as my partner. She always gives me so much, I couldn't imagine my life without her. She has that special way of taking my energy, making something awesome out of it, and giving it back to me. And I like to think that hopefully I am doing the same for her.
I love the people who love their job. They never fail to transmit their enthusiasm and energy to you and it's always a great experience to meet and talk to one.
Today I went to buy a pizza for dinner. There was nobody in the restaurant, only the cook and me. And while I was waiting for my pizza, out of the blue, he said: "39 years I've done this job and if I could be born again, I'd do the same thing!"
That was so nice and unexpected to hear, it struck me. And of course the question came to me: "do I feel the same about my job?" followed by the immediate answer: "absolutely yes!"
It's nice to be reminded how precious, uncommon and important it is to be able to love what one is doing.

When my contract expired in my previous job -an office work I hated with all myself, with coworkers I had nothing to share with, not even the small talk- I was already determined to give up a stable but mediocre position in a company in order to pursue my own path. Eventually, my contract wasn't renewed, but I didn't feel like I'd been stripped of the pride of being able to say that I had renounced something in order to pursue the uncertain.  I didn't feel that way because I would have done it anyways. And there is not one single day in which I'm not glad of having become what I am now.

I never felt so satisfied of my life before. It's been a while now and so many good things happened after I started following this path, ignoring the doubtful looks of those around me who thought one couldn't do that for a living.
Along this path, I have found awesome friends, inspiring people, and even mentors. But most of all, I have found one person who did the most beautiful thing anyone ever did: she chose to follow this path together with me.

I fucking love my job.
Thank you, pizza guy, for reminding me how awesome life can be.
I am opening five slots for commissions. If you are interested, please see below for guidelines.
Commissions accepted for: full figure or bust, with abstract/minimal background.

Rates for full figure portraits are $60 for a black and white lineart picture and $80 for a colored one. Subtract 15$ if instead you want a bust portrait.
My only limitations are that I can only draw original characters and that I'd rather not draw furry/anthro subjects. And I won't accept pornographic content.

If you're interested, please book your slot by replying here below, so that I can keep track of the order. I'll try to make you wait as little as possible.

This is how I work.
Upon receiving via PM your description and an email address to which I can write, I'll send you a pencil sketch for approval. Then if needed I'll apply any corrections you require. After I have your approvation of the sketch, I'll ask you to kindly send me the payment via paypal, and then proceed with inks and colors (if you requested a color commission).
I'll upload a tiff file at 300dpi (unless specified otherwise) and send you the download link.

SLOT 1- :iconprodigal-gamer: finished

SLOT 2- :iconmihoshik: finished

SLOT 3- :iconlostaris: finished

SLOT 4- :iconashenbach: finished

SLOT 5- :iconvarcel: finished

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Apparently it's been no less than eight years! That means that I joined when I was living in Japan, after my graduation from the University. Which is odd, because I was sure I'd joined before that time but there you go. It's not like I trust my memory that much anyways.
It's needless to say that this period of time has seen me grow from a hobbyist to a professional and DA has often been a medium of that evolution. Through my portfolio I've been found and asked to work by several companies, first illustrating roleplaying game manuals, and then comics. And I met so many people who changed my life and helped in the process.
Someone recently told me that Deviant Art is a community about growing as an artist, rather than a place to stick one's portfolio and find work. That is very true indeed. It's more of a community in the truest meaning than any other art place I've seen on the 'net.

2. What does your username mean?
It's my real name. I used to have a nickname back in the day, it was Sunamori. It's been my nickname for roughly a decade, and it means, in Japanese, "sand forest". It's an image I used to link with how I felt about myself. But now that I'm a professional and that feeling no longer applies, I chose to use my real name.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Never Giving Up.

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed but left-eyed. Meaning my dominant eye is the left: I focus with it and use the right for depth of field. It actually only makes a difference when I practice archery, because I need to hold the bow with my right hand and the string with the left (the opposite is the norm). And of course my bow has its arrow rest on the right side as a consequence. This makes me practically left handed when shooting with a bow. Apparently it's quite rare.

5.What was your first deviation?
I'm afraid it has long been removed. I tend to keep a tidy gallery and only share the recent stuff, the one I'm proud of, as my gallery is in a way my portfolio and I'm afraid that people could get bored of browsing it if there was too much stuff. I can tell you what the oldest still remaining deviation is, which is:
The Outsider by Spacefriend-T
I'm still kinda fond of it. Considering it's done with a mouse, it was one of my very first attempts at doing digital art, and it's inspired by a beloved short tale by H.P. Lovecraft, there are some fond memories about it.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Comic pages, pencils and inks. I love coloring my digital art too, but right now I'm enjoying my work as penciler and inker so much, I consider that to be my main thing.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Pottery. I never tried it, but I'm sure I'd absolutely love to be able to create chawan (japanese teacups). Especially in the Bizen style, I just adore that type of pottery and my most beloved chawans are Bizen except for the most precious one, an Irabo chawan given to me by my teacher of chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony for the layman).

8.What was your first favourite?
The same as 5. applies: I tend to keep the favourites to a minimum so that I can keep track of them easily. Also apparently the oldest I had has been stashed recently. The current oldest favorite I have is:
SHOWTIME by digital404

9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital paintings, it seems. They do tend to be the most spectacular images one can find on DA, when they're done right. But recently I'm shifting towards inked pages because I like to hoard references.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I don't have one. There are many artists I admire equally but for different reasons. Some of them are in my Influence Map but many are simply people I follow. I can tell you for example that :iconjebriodo: is an artist whose pencils and inks I admire greatly, as well as one of my oldest DA buddies and a true friend, and that :iconeeren: is one of the most important people in my life as well as a bloody kickass colorist who taught me many things. Another artist I admire and look up to is :iconspacefriend-krunk: who also taught me and helped me a lot in my journey to become a comic artist. :icontoshinho: is also a truly kind gentleman I pride myself in calling a friend whose tutorials made a huge difference in how I approach digital art.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I'm assuming this question means "meet face to face for the first time". Then it would be :iconjebriodo:. After all these years, I want to bearhug my awesome uncle! (that's an injoke by the way) Also :iconspacefriend-krunk: because I owe him more beers than I can count. And I owe much to :iconaburto: so I'd like to be able to say thank you in person.
And there's someone I'm actually waiting to meet in person, who has been a great support in the time of need and always has a wise word or some joke to share and is a truly precious friend. I'm talking about you, :iconkate-n-bd:!

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Please check your blood sugar before proceeding.

There is a deviant who gave a meaning to my life I could never have imagined. She changed it, forever. She gave me more than anyone ever could, and always brings the best out of me, making me become less unforgiving towards myself and making me realize that I'm better than I thought I was. She is a person with whom I can share everything, and we care and worry for each other constantly.
She is always in my heart and in my thoughts and she inspires me to overcome my limits and do better and better, because she makes everything feel possible. And even more beautiful, our artistic lives are strongly connected. When I'm in her presence, art flows from my fingers effortlessly. When she's away for a long time, my pencils become heavy like lead. I like how that makes me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time, because I know I have nothing to fear. She's there for me just like I'm always there for her.
But I won't name her here.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
2B and H mechanical pencils, pigma micron markers, and my inseparable fudepen (also known as penbrush).

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Well I tend to create most of my art in my room, but I don't consider it especially inspirational. Any place I can hold a paper sheet and a pencil is allright. I don't think I have a special place, unless my mind counts. And that is a place I can conveniently always bring with me.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Oh gods, memories... so many of them have become blurred and confused, and I'm not one who relies on the accuracy of his memories. Absolutely not. I mean, we're talking about eight years! How can I choose? It's obvious that I'd automatically go with recent things...
But I'm planning to do something that definitely will become one. So stay tuned!

Tagged by :iconsaniika:

1- What's your current wallpaper. Describe it, or better : show us !

Wp2 by Spacefriend-T

Done for me by the incomparable :iconeeren: who knew my love for this House. Because trenchcoats over armor, how badass is that?
Oh and you should check her Society6 store: she's selling this design and a lot of other truly awesome stuff.

2- What's your own favorite OC and why ?

Bellerefo Legeriwin by Spacefriend-T
There's no doubt it's Bellerefo. I'm very satisfied with the visual concept, and there's much of me in her personality and backstory.

3- What's the most viewed / faved deviation in your gallery ?

Cyberpunk by Spacefriend-T
I definitely don't think this deserves its place. I'm absolutely sure I did better stuff, both before and after this one, but you can never know with popularity. It's a strange beast. Still, I'm not complaining. I put some effort on this piece and it's satisfying to know that people recognize that.

4- In your humble opinion what's your most underrated deviation, the one that deserves more exposition ?
There is more than one to be honest (and you can easily expect that I think. The following is the first that comes to my mind:
Eren's OCs by Spacefriend-T
I wish people cared more about this as I worked on expressions and making characters look different from each other, but I kinda see why it's not that popular: they're just pencil face portraits after all, and I see how the kind people who watch my stuff are more interested in colored art.
Apart from this one: all of my comics pages are extremely underrated in my opinion. Very few comments there, though it's no tragedy because I received the comments I cared about most :)

5- What's your current main project ?

A series of illustrations together with :iconeeren: for Evil Hat Productions' FATE roleplaying game line.

6- What's the last deviation you put in your fav and Why did you fav it ?

Silent Hill Downpour #2 Page 9 by T-RexJones
The inks in this picture are simply amazing and I wish to learn and take inspiration from them.

I tag - if you want XD:
:iconjebriodo: :iconkittysan101: :iconfiji-fujii: :iconnunchaku: :iconsykosan: :iconspacefriend-krunk: :icontoshinho:
(yeah, I know it should be 6, but 8 is my favorite number so there you go)

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of the You Are Not So Smart podcast, a blog and podcast that investigates the subconscious functioning of our brains, the self-delusions we create without knowing, and one of the latest episodes is very interesting because it deals with how we learn to feel helpless the more we fail.…
this applies to anything, not just tests, but also social situations etc. and it's tangential to situations like rejection and bullying for example. It's a very enlightening, and somewhat touching episode which I very much recommend. You may learn how to face something about yourself by listening to it.
The New York Times published a truly great and inspiring puzzle/test.…
I would like to encourage you to take it. It's about your logic capabilities and your degree of critical thinking.
The result comes with a very insightful short article, and the test itself is incredibly short, so please, do take the time and take a look, you won't regret it, I promise!
Really, please. Go visit this gentleman's gallery here:
Seriously, do it, :iconbejzar: is beyond awesome. He deserves your watch much more than I do.

Maintenance by bejzar Hand by bejzar Enviro sketch by bejzar Sphere by bejzar

Do it! Please!

And the lyrics for those  who may need them:…

There's so very much in this song that speaks to me right now.
...what??? Over 400'000 pageviews??? And nearly 6000 watchers???
You guys are crazy!!!!

But... thank you, that is really really sweet...! Thank you so much!
When you regard the strong, try to look at the scars that shaped them. People don't become strong because they want to, they become strong because they have to. At some point in their lives, you see, they had no choice but to become what they are. Think about what pain they experienced. Maybe they were broken by it, perhaps even lost something of what they were before, but they still forced themselves back on their feet. So maybe sometimes you might choose to show compassion, and remind them how those scars are beautiful.

Rigor Samsa

n. a kind of psychological exoskeleton that can protect you from pain and contain your anxieties, but always ends up cracking under pressure or hollowed out by time—and will keep growing back again and again, until you develop a more sophisticated emotional structure, held up by a strong and flexible spine, built less like a fortress and more like a cluster of treehouses.

From The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows
Lots of people replied to my opening commission entry. Thank you so much! I'd like to try and satisfy as many of you as I can, but I think 10 is the maximum if I want to avoid getting overbooked and making people wait for forever. I'm slow enough as it is. I'm only sorry that many of you will have to wait, but here's the list of the commissions I'm accepting with a brief description for each.

-user who wishes to remain anonymous- finished and posted

:iconvarcel: finished

:iconprodigal-gamer: finished

:icondurandus: finished

:icondaegann: finished

:iconcelesv: finished

:iconashenbach: finished

:iconsenorfro: finished

:iconladydreammaker: finished

:iconmrplaid81: aborted